The Team


bullettotal renovations of existing grounds and landscaping
bulletlandscape design/build
bulletPlanting; renovation, new beds, transplanting
bulletFull machinery capability; backhoe, high-lift, skidsteer
bulletPatio installation using any type of material: Flagstone, Brick(both wet and dry)
bulletwalls of all types: timber, stone, brick, pre-cast, versalok, barnstone
bulletGabion wall and creek bank reinforcement
bulletsteps of all types; stone, brick, timber, tie, wood,
bulletdriveways and walks of all types; omnistone, concrete, asphalt, limestone
bulletdrainage systems for home, basement, lawn, landscape
bulletutility services from street to home; gas, water, sewer, electrical, plumbing
bulletexcavation for additions or new home, materials moved and hauled in and out
bulletland development from raw land to finished product including landscaping
bulletlarge tree removals, stumps dug out and hauled away
bulletlarge tree recommendations and installation
bulletJacuzzis purchased and installed, in and out of ground
bulletplanter box, mound beds, fences of any type,
bulletLigonier Boulders or any type of ornate stone installations
bulletfountains, waterfalls, lilly ponds, landscape pools, streams
bulletperennial gardens, vegetable gardens, Japanese gardens, rock gardens
bulletwolmanized decking with design, trellis and garden fence, espalier supports,
bulletnumerous general home remodeling and renovation abilities
bulletnew windows or doors, solariums, bay and greenhouse windows, kitchens, bathrooms

Paul Anderson (left) acquires new excavating equipment.